Deep Rooted Traditions

Info on ginseng Ginseng is a traditional herbal supplement that has been used for thousands of years throughout the world. Canadian ginseng in particular is known for it’s natural cold nature which allows for stable long term use. Due to the many years it takes to grow the ginseng root, over time it has become known for it’s high value and rarity.

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Uses A natural health product recognized by Health Canada, ginseng offers many health benefits. Some of which include, slowing the effects of aging, increasing physical stamina , stress reduction, strengthening the immune system and regulating glucose levels.

Our unique take on ginseng Ginseng has been used for thousands of years around the world and has been embraced for it's natural health benefits. Canada is one of the largest producers of cultivated ginseng in the world. However this fact is overlooked by many people despite it's unmatched quality and high standards during cultivation. Through our premium crafted ginseng products, we hope to be the guardians of this traditional health ingredient, while constantly staying ahead and leading the Canadian ginseng with innovation.

Canadian Vita for many years has proudly shared this Canadian gem with the world. Our goal has always been to make ginseng easier and more enjoyable to use. Through the centuries wild ginseng has been preserved due to its scarcity and threat of extinction. In order to do our part in protecting wild ginseng we pledge to not take part in the harvesting, distribution or processing of the plant.

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