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With decades to cultivate a growing technique that results in higher ginsenoside levels and healthier roots, we take pride in our mastery of growing Canadian ginseng. Raising the best Canadian ginseng requires perfect timing during the planting, maintaining and harvesting periods. Sound judgement of environmental factors constantly changing daily is a skill that takes tremendous skill, and experience that is passed down through generations.

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Dryness of the Ginseng 

Fresh ginseng needs to be properly dried in industrial dryers for many weeks before it is ready. Canadian Vita’s advanced drying system allows for all the ginseng to be dried consistently in a short time frame. This gives Canadian Vita ginseng roots an enriched taste, powerful aroma and allows it to be preserved longer.

Did you know? If it is not properly dried, the ginseng will start rotting from the inside out. This is a big problem that many people do not notice. It is not possible to see inside the root without cutting it open. If the ginseng begins to start rotting, it can not be stored for very long. When consuming ginseng that is partly rotting, many may not notice, but it will taste slightly sour and the ginseng will eventually lose its flavour.

Time of Harvest The point in time in which ginseng roots are harvested directly influences the ginsenoside levels and root quality. Weather conditions throughout the year determine when the prime time to harvest is. Canadian Vita has a team of experienced farmers that monitor the weather and other environmental factors that determine when it is appropriate to harvest.

In pursuit of unparalleled premium quality, only a small selection of ginseng that was harvested end up being a part of crafted Canadian Vita products.

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