The Root’s Journey

The process of making Canadian Vita products are very unique and sophisticated. However each product made using Canadian Vita ginseng goes through 5 major steps from the moment premium ginseng seeds are planted.

  • Farming  We do not grow them, we raise them. Since 1983 the Huffman family has been entrusted with the crucial responsibility of overseeing and maintaining the growth of our roots. Their expertise in locating the best soil and unique growing method have fulfilled our goal of having unmatched ginsenoside levels found in Canadian Vita ginseng roots.

  • Harvest Depending on the batch, ginseng root is harvested from 4 to 5 years after it is planted. Canadian Vita ginseng is harvested in late October when the ginseng’s ginsenoside level is at its peak during the year. In this process a machine is used to pull the ginseng roots above the soil where it is picked by hand. They are then carefully washed with large amounts of low pressure water to prevent any damage done to the root’s skin. After that process they are once again evaluated and hand picked before being placed in our ginseng coolers.

  • Drying The precision it takes to dry Canadian Vita ginseng is a preserved heritage that embodies unique craftsmanship. The art of drying ginseng roots precisely to a moisture level of 3% at an industrial level has taken decades to perfect. This is a crucial process that defines our unmatched quality in ginsenoside levels and powerful taste.

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    Storage Naturally, dried ginseng can be stored for an extended period of time. However to maintain the ginseng’s taste and overall health, Canadian Vita is committed to maintaining the ginseng’s moisture level at all times throughout the root’s journey. All facilities used to store and retail Canadian Vita ginseng products are equipped with the latest humidity and temperature control technology.

  • Processing Precision in the art of ginseng is what we take the most pride in. Precision in timing, blending and ginseng selection. All crafted Canadian Vita ginseng is created with unique blends and formulations that have been passed down for many decades. With this expertise we are able to create consistent perfection. Facilities in which all products are created in meets global quality standards and are equipped with leading technology in their respective fields. Taste tests are done for the finished batch in order to ensure that each crafted ginseng product can bring joy to any one receiving it.

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